We do provide 3 services :-

A- Index Future/ Options
Fees- 4000 INR/Month
Trade Type – Overnight mostly.

B- Paid Trial (1 Week)
Fees- 1000 INR/Week
Trade Type – Overnight mostly.

C- Dealer Service
Fees- 3000 INR/Month
Service- Sometimes you miss profitable trade opportunity because you were busy in job or business or you were fearful ( Not disciplined). In such time our this service comes handy. You share your trading login details with us and our Dealers will trade in your account on our advisory message with quantity instructed by you in advance. Contact us for more details.

Bank Details:-

Name- Manju
IFSC- ICIC0000043
Acc No- 00430-1547-965
Acc type- Savings
Bank- ICICI Bank
UPI ID- 7413990940@YBL

BankNifty Team